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Sensitivity and Experience You Can Trust

Naimi, Dilbeck and Johnson stands ready to help your family through the turmoil.

  • Personal Injury

    It is important to be able to depend on qualified professionals who are experienced in helping victims receive compensation.

  • Family Law

    We understand how difficult family law matters can be and we make it our responsibility to get you a positive outcome for you and your family.

  • Bankruptcy Law

    We strive to simplify the process of resolving your financial hardships to restore calm and order in an otherwise difficult time.

Personal Injury, Family Law and Bankruptcy Lawyers Las Vegas

Naimi, Dilbeck, & Johnson is a small, customer-service oriented Personal InjuryFamily Law, or Bankruptcy law firm in Las Vegas. We are real lawyers, doing real work, for real-world people facing real-world problems. We don’t exist to help the wealthy get wealthier, or the fortunate become more fortunate. We work hard to develop long-term, trusting relationships with our clients, and above-all help our clients reach a favorable resolution to their legal issue. Our firm was founded on the principal that hard work and quality service would produce outstanding results and high levels of success for our clients and, ultimately, for ourselves.  This has proven to be true.  Our firm continues to grow not by incessant television ads or billboards on every corner, but by word of mouth.  The substantial majority of our new clients come to us by referral from our clients, from other attorneys, and from other professionals. You’ll notice the NDJ difference the instant you walk through the door and shake our hand.  No other firm can offer the same level of knowledge, experience, and personalized service.  We welcome you to our site and appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

Why You Need an Experienced & Dedicated Attorney

NDJ is not a jack-of-all trades, one-stop shop type of law firm.  Some firms operate this way, and we believe they do so to the detriment of their clients.  The law evolves on an almost daily basis.  New statutes, new procedures, and new Court rulings are constantly changing the landscape in every area of legal practice.  Accordingly, no lawyer, and no law firm, can be truly competent in numerous practice areas at once.  This is why NDJ has only a very narrow category of practice areas.  Our three attorneys collectively engage in only three areas of law, and none of our attorneys focuses on more than two areas of law.  The lawyers at NDJ have chosen to focus their legal careers on practice areas where the majority of their experience and passion for the law reside.  Our practice areas are limited to If you are searching for an attorney, be careful to select an attorney with a commitment to excellence in the area of law in which you need assistance, and not an attorney who takes whatever case happens to walk into their office.  An attorney who is experienced in a particular practice area will be able to spot issues and develop solutions that a non-experienced attorney simply cannot.  At NDJ, your Personal InjuryFamily Law, or Bankruptcy matter will be handled by an attorney who has handled many hundreds of cases in the area of law that you need assistance in. At NDJ, our attorneys combine education, training, experience, dedication, and our customer service ethos to achieve outstanding results.  Don’t accept anything less.

Personal Injury Attorneys Who Will Fight for Your Best Interests

The NDJ personal injury law practice area is headed by Scott Dilbeck and Richard Johnson.  Combined, Scott and Richard have handled over 1,000 personal injury and civil litigation cases through claims, mediation, arbitration, litigation, and trial.  NDJ does not just work personal injuries through an insurance claim process and then take the low-ball settlement offers that insurers are famous for offering and that heavy-advertising lawyers are famous for taking.  We work our personal injury cases hard, gathering all the critical evidence and strategizing for every contingency and for anything that might be required to achieve maximum case value. Other personal injury lawyers are afraid to put up a fight.  At NDJ, we fight for our clients to recover every dollar they are entitled to.  This means we must take an aggressive approach to claims, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. In spite of what one well-known personal injury advertiser would have you believe, a personal injury case cannot be resolved with “one call.”

Get the Compensation You are Entitled for Your Pain & Suffering

Our attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for personal injury clients for injuries resulting from car accidentsmotorcycle accidentslip/trip and fallspremises liability cases, and more.  We recover large sums of money because we are better prepared than our adversary.  We put the facts, the evidence, and the law to work for our clients.  Whether you have been involved in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, a slip/trip and fall, or any of the many other types of personal injury cases, you can rest assured that at NDJ, your personal injury matter will be handled with expert care with only your very best interests in mind. Many Las Vegas residents make a poor choice when hiring a personal injury attorney.  This is easy to accomplish, as a few select personal injury attorneys employ marketing campaigns that are so broad and so persistent, that many people simply don’t know any better than to pick up the phone while watching a TV commercial.  NDJ would challenge anyone needing a personal injury attorney to visit one of these well-known advertisers and then come see us right after.  You’ll know immediately which firm you want to handle your personal injury case. Too many injured people get stuck with an attorney looking out for their own monthly bottom line by churning out hundreds and hundreds of cases like personal injury factory.  A law firm with 500 new cases per month simply cannot give each client and each case the attention it deserves, no matter how many paralegals they hire.

Call for a Free Consultation & Get Peace of Mind

Be advised that even the most diligent lawyer or law firm can’t help you if you wait too long.  Some Nevada cases have statutes of limitation as short as one year.  In addition, if your medical treatment is not coordinated at an early date and if you wait too long to get proper treatment, it can be detrimental to your personal injury case.  With this in mind, you need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible and hire a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.  When you take action quickly, you help your case.  And when you team with a diligent and aggressive firm like NDJ, you have put yourself and your case at a huge advantage.  We’ll have the insurance company playing catch up from day one and we will be at an advantage of time and knowledge that will put more money in your pocket.

Bankruptcy Lawyers Who Will Help You Find the Right Solution

It is no coincidence that 2009 and 2010, the height of the recession in Nevada and across the nation, saw a sudden jump in the number of bankruptcy practitioners.  At NDJ, our bankruptcies are handled by Scott Dilbeck, who has filed hundreds of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies.  Scott has been handling bankruptcies since before the recession, and accordingly NDJ is a trusted leader, and long-standing member, the bankruptcy bar in Las Vegas. Through a combination of the many bankruptcy television commercials, false information on the internet, and outlandish stories at the water cooler, we have found that the general public is grossly misinformed about the complexity of the even a relatively simple consumer bankruptcy. Every bankruptcy case that we take on involves multiple levels of complex interaction of State and Federal Law.  For example, the seemingly simple decision of when to file a bankruptcy might receive very little thought from the inexperienced bankruptcy practitioner.  However, the timing of a bankruptcy filing can affect the outcome of the bankruptcy significantly, and might even affect which chapter is filed altogether.  Exemption planning is also a hugely important step that can greatly affect which assets you retain and which assets could become property of the bankruptcy estate.  The timing and exemption issues are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, with the number complex issues increasing commensurate with higher incomes, larger households, more assets, and business interests.  The difficulties these issues can present are compounded by the ever-present 2005 bankruptcy reforms, which resulted from the long-term and persistent lobbying efforts of the credit industry.  Now, a series of calculations derivative of a “Current Monthly Income” determination weigh the relative debt-repayment capabilities of the bankruptcy filer against the filer’s unsecured debt obligations.  This “means test” feature is an unfair development in the law, but one which must be addressed.

Experienced Las Vegas Debt Relief Law Firm

Just like in NDJ’s personal injury and family law practice areas, every bankruptcy matter that we take on receives the diligence and attention that it deserves.  Our knowledge and experienced ensures that all of the complicated issues in each case are presented to the client in an understandable way and that comprehensive solutions to these issues are made available. From the initial gathering of documents, to the bankruptcy filing, to the meeting of creditors, all the way to the timely issuance of discharge, you will have an experienced bankruptcy attorney by your side assuring that your bankruptcy matter will proceed smoothly and successfully. Naimi, Dilbeck & Johnson offer real options for real people caught up by financial hardship.  If you have been experiencing financial difficulties and want to know what is the best option for you, then call our office today at 702-823-3333 to have a totally free consultation with one of our attorneys.

Sensitivity & Dedication You Need in a Family Lawyer

No other area of law has as much at stake as Family Law.  The primary types of family law matters we handle include, but aren’t limited to:
  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Support
  • Annulment
  • Modification
  • Prenuptial agreements
Each of the areas of Family Law include issues with far reaching implications, that can affect you personally and professional for the rest of your life.   For these reasons, the Family Law clients we serve are typically experiencing a high level of stress and anxiety over their circumstances.  The NDJ customer service model is particularly well-suited to representation of individuals fighting through these difficult circumstances.

Las Vegas Attorneys with a Personal Approach on Family Law Matters

Family Law cases must be handled with the utmost care.  A Family Law lawyer or law firm cannot represent you effectively without knowledge of the law and experience applying it.   This is why when searching for a Family Law attorney, you should not trust your matter to a general practitioner who dabbles in multiple practice areas.  An attorney who has spread his or her self too thin amongst numerous practice areas simply cannot have the knowledge and experience needed to effectively advocate for a client in a divorce, custody, support, or other family law matter. Our firm has experience in every facet of family law, and is led by Jason Naimi.  We have experience ranging from the most simple joint petition divorce to hugely complex contested divorces and custody matters.  Being successful in these types of cases takes preparation and attention to detail.  The outcome of a case can hinge on the insightful review of financial records, letters, emails, phone records, photographs, court records and many other documents.  When you hire a firm like NDJ, you know that all of the details that add up to a successful outcome are being accounted for.

The NDJ Family – Sensitivity & Experience You Can Trust

The NDJ business model is not one you are accustomed to seeing.  Our firm makes a conscious and deliberate effort to make our clients feel warm and welcome.  We strive to create an environment where clients feel comfortable to call, to email, and to stop by.  Using this customer-first strategy, our goal is the create lasting relationships, even if your particular Personal InjuryFamily Law, or Bankruptcy matter has been resolved. One of the many benefits to being an NDJ client is our discounted fees.  If you have been an NDJ client in a Personal Injury, Family Law, or Bankruptcy matter, you can almost always expect a generous reduced fee should you need assistance in any other matter that we handle.  For example, if we represent you in an auto accident case, but later you find yourself needing a divorce or bankruptcy down the road, you will get that divorce or bankruptcy at a significant discount. Additionally, we offer a special incentive for clients to refer us a friend or family member for an auto accident or personal injury case.  If you make a referral while your legal matter is pending, you will get a $100 discount.  If you make an auto accident or personal injury referral after your matter is concluded, you will get $100 refund.  Just be sure to call or email to make sure we know who you sent!

Finally, once you are a client, you are a friend.  If you need help with some other matter, legal or not, you can feel free to call us for a referral to an appropriate professional.  NDJ has quality relationships with trustworthy professionals in multiple areas.